Latest News From Guppy's Chocolates

Latest News From Guppy's Chocolates

New Products

Following on from our successful Hot Chocolate Flake Pouches, we have slightly revamped our Hot Chocolate Stirrers and added a NEW product. You can still buy our Hot Chocolate Stirrers in the boxes, but our new alternative is slightly cheaper.

We are still offering our Milk, Dark and White Stirrers, but you can now buy the Milk Stirrer with added Marshmallows! We have also added bundles of 5 and 10 Stirrers to our product list and these can be bought at a discount of 5% off the usual price. 
Same ingredients, same great taste, different name
We have revamped the packaging for our Sugar Free Chocolate Bars. The chocolate and the ingredients are still the same, but they are now called No Added Sugar bars. This is because the chocolate contains natural sugars and we wanted to reflect this by showing that there has been no sugar added to the product. They are still suitable for diabetics and those wanting to manage their sugar intake. 
Discounted Products
We have discounted the prices on a few products for over the summer period. This includes our Chocolate Coated Milk Honeycomb Pieces and also our Speckled Mini Eggs (without the Easter packaging). 
And finally, don't forget that it's Fathers Day on Sunday 16th June. Want to celebrate the father figure in your life, then we've got a sweet selection for you! Whether you're treating your Dad, Father-in-law, Grandad, Stepdad, Uncle, Brother or even someone else, we have chocolate ideas that will bring a smile to his face.
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